Decorative Agate for Wall, Snowy Mountain with a House, Decorative Snowy House, Snowy Trees for Decoration, Diorama Scene Art Piece for wall

  • $260.00

Handmade House item specifications:
We sculpted house parts to make molds for casting. Then, we made this decorative house by using all parts after casting step. And we painted it. House is made of a kind of resin.

Handmade Trees item specifications:
We scuplted a few different size trees to make different size molds for casting step. We put steel wire pieces in to all trees while we were casting them. So they are more stronger. Then we painted all decorative trees after casting step. All decorative trees are made of a kind of resin.

Decorative Agate Diorama Scene Art Piece specifications:
We needed a place to put a house and trees on. So, we glued a real rock (Amethyst Minerals) piece to the decorative Agate Slice by using super strong glue. And then we have put all pieces on specific places to complete this diorama scene. And the last step, we made snowy effects.

This decorative agate diorama scene art piece is created and designed for wall decoration. There is a line (rope) to hang this item on the back side.

Size 20x20x9 cm