Black Love Cats Bracelet, Labradorite Gemstone Bracelet, Black Volcanic Lava Beaded Bracelet

  • $78.00


We sculpted this lovely black love cats heads model to make a mold at first. So, we cast all black cat bralecets and pendants charms by using the molds that is made by Umay Designs. Black cats are made of a kind of resin. We painted this cat charms with black color after casting them. We use black volcanic lava beads to complete this black love cats bracelet. Mini Rainbow Moonstone cat eye shape gemstones has beautiful blue flash. And this black love cats bracelet is made by using flexible line in standart size. We always add extra black lava beads and an extra flexible line in the box as well.

There are 8mm 18 pieces lava beads and 2 cat heads and 2 tear drop shape labradorite gems in 1 bracelet