Egyptian Bastet Cat Pendant, Clear Amethyst Crystal Point Pendant, Egyptian Symbols Pendant, Titanium Blue Quartz Necklace, Resin Jewelry

  • $112.00

Ready to ship. So light/clear Amethyst Crystal Point. There is a beautiful rainbow flashy in Amethyst crystal point that you can see it in pictures. There is only 1 in stock.
***Non-coming item because of blue quartz crystals.

We sculpted this lovely black cat head model to make a mold at first. So, we casted all black cat bracelets and pendants handcrafted charms by using the molds that are made by Umay Designs. Black cat miniature model and other Egyptian symbols are made of a kind of resin. We painted this miniature bastet cat head model and other Egyptian symbols and make-up gold color after casting them in hand.

We put titanium blue quartz crystals and Amethyst Round Gemstone to make this black cat pendant stunning. We always ship our pendants with a black leather cord 30" in a box.